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Well yesturday was interesting. Violet convinced me to go into the… - I'm Awkward... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 20th, 2004|03:05 pm]


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Well yesturday was interesting. Violet convinced me to go into the woods for a bit, and i came out with quite a few new little friends. Yes, me, the genius, walked through a tic breading nest and didnt relise it. I got home, went on the computer, and i scratched my back, when BWAH....an evil bloodsucking creature was on me. I took it off and flug it on my magazine that was in front of me, and took a pair of scissors and cut it in two....it was begging for life, but i wasnt ganna give the little bitch what it wanted. Then i found another one in the smae place (they must have been friends). I went upstairs for a bit and sat down at the kitchen table. I felt something on the back of my arm and *SQUEEL* another one! At this point I was freaking out, i mean, im not afraid of a lot of things, but i really think i have a phobia of these little crap heads. I go upstairs to see if there are any more, and guess what? One's made a meal of my lower stomuch. I fling it on the ground, it crawls away and hides..."FACE ME LIKE A MAND YOU LITTLe BITCH, DONT GO HIDING UNDER THE DAMN DESK, THERES NOTHING FOR YOU UNDER THERE BUT DUST BUNNIES AND HAIR BRUSHES!" *tick comes back out* "DAMN YOU!" *Lauren runs away screaming* So at this point i got in the shower. I thought i got them all off, but when i took rung out my hair, another one fell out and went down the drain. Good, thats where it belongs. Yeah then i looked on the floor and another one was crawling around on my shirt. By this time i lost count....

It was crazy, im not even sure if they are all gone now, but im pretty sure. You know what else happend? Just a minute ago a bug flew into my eye. It wouldnt get out of my eye, it took me 10 minutes. I'm not having very good luck with bugs right now.

Fallons being dumb....she can JOIN now...it no longer states where we live, shes too paranoid. GOD...and I dont want her to give the excuse "Mommy wont let me have a community" cause mommy doent want her to get drunk either, but she does that too. No hard feeling, just a bit pissed....i put a ton of work making this thing and you just leave it.